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Welcome to the Home Hunter Magazine – Your first choice in print when selling your home or choosing an Agent.

Selling a home successfully is about generating the maximum exposure in the market and reaching genuine buyers. This means you need to target your campaign - in most housing markets the majority of buyers are locally based. Online advertising is affordable and a great way to access a lot of HOME HUNTERS, but the most powerful tool to reach a local market is local print media, especially if it is delivered directly into homes.
People read print even before they know they want to buy - it’s a kind of window shopping that regularly gets people through the door. The secret benefit of print is that it attracts buyers to your home that didn’t know, or didn’t think your suburb or home was available to them. It's not uncommon for sales being achieved to buyers looking in a neighbouring suburb, or perhaps only seeking four bedroom homes but end up buying a three bedroom home; all because the print ad caught their attention. Online searches are very focused. If you don’t identify particular house type, or specify a location you will see potentially thousands of listings - far too many to practically analyse. Whereas there is something rather relaxing about sitting with the paper and a cup of coffee and browsing through all the lovely homes. FOR THE BEST IMPACT, AND TO GET YOUR HOME SOLD, CHOOSE ONLINE PLUS PRINT.